Tamchog Chakzam (Iron Chain Bridge)

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According to the biographical notes in the History of Bhutan, Thangtong Gyalpo erected a bridge across the Paro Chhu (sPa gro chu) to Tamchog (gTam chos) by 1433. The successors of the first Chakzampa built a Lhakhang at Tamchog, the Tamchog Gonpa (gTam chos dgon pa). In 1969, the iron suspension bridge was destroyed by […]

The new Cantilever Bridge of Punakha in the Kingdom of Bhutan

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The original roofed wooden cantilever bridge, built together with the Dzong in the 17th century; was washed away by a flood in 1958. The new roofed bridge was an enormous technical challenge as the original bridge had a span of only 35 meters! The new bridge has also been constructed of wood, but now has […]

Bhutan: Happy grow lucky

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THE national sales pitch of Bhutan sounds oddly boastful for a shy mountain kingdom. “Happiness is a place,” it declares. But for the numerologically obsessed citizens of this Switzerland-sized country squashed between India and China, happiness may also be a time. This year happens to be not only the 400th anniversary of Bhutan’s creation as […]

Archery in Bhutan

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In the Kingdom of Bhutan, the national sport of archery offers an entertaining spectacle for observers and requires focus, strength and stamina from the competitors. For the archers, tournaments are a means of blowing off steam while preserving their traditional culture. It’s also just good, clean fun. Source: livehappy Experience BHUTAN Differently,       […]

Royal Highlander Festival

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Royal Highlander Festival Start Date: 16-10-2016, End Date: 18-10-2016, Location: Laya, District: Gasa The Royal Highlander Festival will be organized in Laya from 16th to 18th October, 2016. Driven by the underlying goal of making the Highlands a vibrant and thriving economy, the festival aims to promote the sustainable livelihood of highlanders; showcase highlander’s innovation; and […]

Bhutan among 5 of the World’s Safest Holiday Destinations

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The places below are not only recognised as being some of the safest holiday destinations in the world in general, but most of them have also been recommended for women travelling alone. 1. Bhutan: A great alternative to India and Thailand, Bhutan is a beautiful kingdom located in the magnificent Himalayan mountains. You can find […]

Sightseeing in Paro

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Paro is the most popular destination for tourists in Bhutan. A tourist is required to enter the country by Bhutan’s national airline, the Druk-Air. The place is surrounded by Himalayan mountain ranges from all sides and provides a magnificent close range view of the same. The valley town of Paro has a lot of attractions […]

Here’s why you absolutely must visit Bhutan! 10 magical photographs of the Himalayan kingdom that will inspire you to pack your bags!

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To the northeast of India on the edge of the great Himalayas lies a stunning Buddhist country which is fast becoming the envy of other tourist spots in Asia. Welcome to Bhutan – the happiest place on Earth! Famous for its concept of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is the best place to visit when you […]

GNH and Buddhism main attraction for international tourists

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Gross revenue from tourism increase by USD 9.71M Tourism:  Apart from the unique culture, Buddhism and Gross National Happiness, the Royal Family was also the main attraction for international tourists who visited Bhutan last year, the 2014 tourism monitor states. With a growth of about 15 percent, Bhutan recorded 133,480 international and regional tourists last […]

10 reasons why Bhutan is so popular with tourists across the world

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“Kuzoozangpo La” (‘Hello’, in Bhutanese) The tranquil ‘Kingdom of Bhutan’ as Bhutan is officially called is a South Asian country, which lies at the eastern end of the Himalayas and shares its borders with China in the north and with India from its eastern, western and southern sides. The serenity of Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, which […]