Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen inaugurates Waste Recovery Centre

Coinciding with the World Environment Day, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen officially inaugurated the Waste Recovery Centre at Ngabiphu in Thimphu, yesterday. Her Majesty is the Royal Patron of the Environment.

Dry wastes collected from theĀ are brought to the centre, where it is sorted and recyclables recovered before transferring the left over waste to Memelakha landfill.

Thimphu Thromde said, every day, 50 tons of wastes are collected from within the city. Of it, half is dry wastes. With the centre, only 5 per cent of dry wastes collected will be taken to Memelakha landfill.

This means the centre contributes towards enhancing the lifespan of the landfill. Works to construct the centre began in January 2015. It has been operational since last year end.

The recovered pet bottles, card boxes, tins and aluminium are transported to recycling centres in Pasakha and neighbouring towns across the border. The paper wastes are sent to egg tray plant in Bjemina.

Greener Way- a private waste management company has set up the Waste Recovery Centre at an estimated cost of Nu 40m. As approved by the government, thromde provided Nu 15m for the project, while the rest were availed as loans from financial institutions.

Source: BBS