Royal Highlander Festival

Royal Highlander Festival

Start Date: 16-10-2016, End Date: 18-10-2016, Location: Laya, District: Gasa

The Royal Highlander Festival will be organized in Laya from 16th to 18th October, 2016. Driven by the underlying goal of making the Highlands a vibrant and thriving economy, the festival aims to promote the sustainable livelihood of highlanders; showcase highlander’s innovation; and exhibit the Highlands as a Pride of Bhutan. The festival is expected to bring together highlander from other parts of Bhutan and other countries to exchange values, knowledge, skills and best practices related to highlands and yak farming.

Highlander festival, YANA Expeditions

The festival will be a landmark activity of Gasa Dzongkhag’s vision of Good to Great Gasa. The Good to Great Gasa is a vision inspired by His Majesty’s passion to make our country Great. The festival will also celebrate the birth of HRH the Gyalsey; 400 years of Shabdrung Rimpoche and the Rabjung birth year of Guru Rimpoche.

As a part of the festival, a Photo Exhibition on Gasa will be held from 25-28th August, 2016 to introduce the Royal Highland Festival. This exhibition will be featured as an event of the 2016 Mountain Echoes Festival at the Foyer, Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), Thimphu. This exhibition will be an opportunity to introduce and promote the forthcoming Royal Highland Festival in Laya this October.

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