Sightseeing in Paro

Paro is the most popular destination for tourists in Bhutan. A tourist is required to enter the country by Bhutan’s national airline, the Druk-Air. The place is surrounded by Himalayan mountain ranges from all sides and provides a magnificent close range view of the same.

The valley town of Paro has a lot of attractions and needs a few days to explore. The journey begins with a visit to the secular and one of the many religious places named Rinpung Dzong , an elegant and perfectly symmetrical structure built in 1646 by one of the spiritual leaders of the country. The Dzong houses the monastic body of Paro and the Judge of Paro district. Ta Dzong , the castle shaped building that was built to keep a defensive watch over Rinpung Dzong also houses the national Museum of Bhutan. The Monastery of Taktsang is said to be the first stop for Guru Rimpoche, who arrived here riding a Tigress and meditated at a valley overlooking Paro. This monastery is a sacred place of worship for all Buddhist pilgrims who come to offer prayers. Tourists are not allowed to go inside the Temple but can enjoy the spectacular sight of the Tiger’s nest from the mountaintop. The place can be reached after a simple trek of about three to four hours. A café at the mountaintop provides refreshing tea and Bhutanese snacks. Ponies are also available as an alternative to reach the mountaintop.

In North Bhutan, Mount Jhomolhari (mountain of goddess Jhomo) reigns in sacred glory. The Paro River, the main artery of this town, originates from the glacier waterways of the Five – Sister peaks and runs through the rice fields, the apple orchards & the peach orchards.

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