Disable friendly restroom opens at Tamchoe

By: Tashi TOBGAY on Friday, January, 19th,2018 in News. No Comments

The first disable friendly highway restroom opened today at Tamchoe, Paro. The toilet built with a traditional architecture has user friendly basins for those on wheelchairs with a hand rail, a ramp and wider door. The toilets also have sensor taps. Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) began the construction work in mid-June last year. A TCB official […]

Timber extraction, a threat to Rufous-necked hornbill

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Rufous-necked hornbill (aceros nipalensis) can tolerate or survive certain degree of human disturbances provided there are enough resources available such as potential nesting and food trees in the habitat, according to a study. Senior ranger and head of nature conservation section with the Tsirang forest division, Kinley’s study on ‘Nesting Habits and Breeding Season of […]

The practise of appeasing one’s protective deities is strong and deep-rooted

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Huffing and puffing, five men are atop a steep climb. It is 6:30 am. They have to get into the shades of the coniferous forest before the hot autumn sun reaches them. The men are on an important mission. They are on their way to appease their “protective deities.” They do it every year. The […]

Culture, key to Bhutan’s survival

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It is only apt that the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs meet in Bhutan to discuss culture preservation, National Assembly Speaker Jigme Zangpo said. The Speaker who is also the Vice President of the Standing Committee said that Bhutan’s concept of culture, as underlined by Gross National Happiness, is […]

Sighting of Godlewski’s bunting takes count to 719 birds

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Godlewski’s bunting () is the latest addition to Bhutan’s avian biodiversity. With the sighting of the Godlewski’s bunting, Bhutan now has 719 birds. The Godlewski’s bunting is the second new bird species to be recorded this year after the Yellow-eyed babbler () was sighted and recorded in the Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) in February. “Off […]