Wola Gyalpo’s forgotten choeten

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Culture: The last rays of the winter sun penetrate through thorny branches and touch a choeten that’s long been hidden under thick foliage. Believed to have been built by Lam Drukpa Kunley in the 15th century, the choeten is today abandoned and forgotten. Grass grows on its roof and bushes have reclaimed its base. Its mud […]

Story of Four Friends

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Once upon a time an elephant came upon a giant tree in the forest by the river bank. He rested under its shade for a rest. Soon a monkey came to rest there also. The elephant said, “This is my tree. I found it first.” The monkey replied, “Do you see any fruit on this […]

Butter Lamps

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Externally, the lights are seen to banish darkness. Conceptually, they convert prosaic substance into illumination, a transformation akin to the search for enlightenment. The outer meaning of the offering of butter lamps is that one of six such virtues, the Perfection of generosity which is achieved by giving away the valuable substance, butter or oil. […]

Nation celebrates HRH The Gyalsey’s first birthday

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Celebration: Coinciding with His Royal Highness The Gyalsey’s first birthday, His Majesty The King installed the Sertog on the Drukgyal Dzong’s Utse early yesterday morning. The reconstruction project for the Drukgyal Dzong was announced last year to commemorate the Royal Birth. His Majesty granted Tokha to the personnel working at the dzong construction site. Lunch […]

The new Cantilever Bridge of Punakha in the Kingdom of Bhutan

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The original roofed wooden cantilever bridge, built together with the Dzong in the 17th century; was washed away by a flood in 1958. The new roofed bridge was an enormous technical challenge as the original bridge had a span of only 35 meters! The new bridge has also been constructed of wood, but now has […]

Here’s why you absolutely must visit Bhutan! 10 magical photographs of the Himalayan kingdom that will inspire you to pack your bags!

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To the northeast of India on the edge of the great Himalayas lies a stunning Buddhist country which is fast becoming the envy of other tourist spots in Asia. Welcome to Bhutan – the happiest place on Earth! Famous for its concept of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is the best place to visit when you […]