Their Majesties offer prayers at Taktsang

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To mark the 38th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King, Their Majesties and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey visited Paro Taktsang yesterday morning to offer prayers. This is His Royal Highness The Gyalsey’s first visit to Taktsang. Considered one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the country, the temple complex surrounding the scared […]

Wola Gyalpo’s forgotten choeten

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Culture: The last rays of the winter sun penetrate through thorny branches and touch a choeten that’s long been hidden under thick foliage. Believed to have been built by Lam Drukpa Kunley in the 15th century, the choeten is today abandoned and forgotten. Grass grows on its roof and bushes have reclaimed its base. Its mud […]

Butter Lamps

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Externally, the lights are seen to banish darkness. Conceptually, they convert prosaic substance into illumination, a transformation akin to the search for enlightenment. The outer meaning of the offering of butter lamps is that one of six such virtues, the Perfection of generosity which is achieved by giving away the valuable substance, butter or oil. […]

Online permits for regional tourists

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Tourism: Tour agents in Phuentsholing are welcoming the online permit system that the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) recently introduced for regional tourists. The owner of AD Tours and Travels in Phuentsholing, DB Gurung, said that tour agents will benefit. “Time will be saved,” he said. DB Gurung also pointed out that the online permit […]

Prayer Flags

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Prayer flags are made of coarse cotton and placed in strategic places in the belief that the wind will carry the invocations and the messages on the flag down the rivers and valleys into the beyond. Redi and Khorlo Prayer flags are raised on a pole that has the Redi and the Khorlo at the […]

Tour operators skeptical of Bhutan-Korea friendship offer

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Tourism: Although the Bhutan-Korea friendship offer is expected to benefit the tourism industry during the lean season months, most tour operators remain skeptical of the offer. Tour operators expressed dissatisfaction over the offer saying the industry was not consulted and that they did not receive prior information, as was the case with the Thai and […]

His Majesty The King in Pemagatshel

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His Majesty The King visited Borangmo village, the second village in Pemagatshel built under His Majesty The King’s national resettlement project. The village is populated by 51 households from the most remote regions of Nganglam gewog in Pemagatshel. As part of the project, which commenced in 2012, the people were granted plots to build houses […]

Tamchog Chakzam (Iron Chain Bridge)

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According to the biographical notes in the History of Bhutan, Thangtong Gyalpo erected a bridge across the Paro Chhu (sPa gro chu) to Tamchog (gTam chos) by 1433. The successors of the first Chakzampa built a Lhakhang at Tamchog, the Tamchog Gonpa (gTam chos dgon pa). In 1969, the iron suspension bridge was destroyed by […]

The new Cantilever Bridge of Punakha in the Kingdom of Bhutan

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The original roofed wooden cantilever bridge, built together with the Dzong in the 17th century; was washed away by a flood in 1958. The new roofed bridge was an enormous technical challenge as the original bridge had a span of only 35 meters! The new bridge has also been constructed of wood, but now has […]

Bhutan: Happy grow lucky

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THE national sales pitch of Bhutan sounds oddly boastful for a shy mountain kingdom. “Happiness is a place,” it declares. But for the numerologically obsessed citizens of this Switzerland-sized country squashed between India and China, happiness may also be a time. This year happens to be not only the 400th anniversary of Bhutan’s creation as […]