How to get there…

How to get there…there are only two ways to enter Bhutan!

By Air

Drukair (Royal Bhutan Airlines): The national carrier of Bhutan is Drukair (Royal Bhutan Airlines). Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines operates flight services to 5 countries and 10 international destinations operating from Paro International Airport as its hub. Within Bhutan we offer domestic services to Bumthang and Trashigang.

Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air Pvt. Ltd): Bhutan Airlines currently operate to FIVE  destinations, Kolkata- India, Delhi- India, Bangkok- Thailand, Kathmandu- Nepal,   and Paro- Bhutan and plans to expand their route to Paro-Dhaka- Bangladesh and  Singapore in the future.

Important Note: Delays can occur due to weather or other operational requirements. We strongly advise visitors to Bhutan to factor in at least a 24 hour before connecting from other airline services to or from a Drukair/Bhutan Airlines flight.

Drukair Flight Schedules

Domestic Air Travel within Bhutan
Druk Air and Tashi Air, also known as Bhutan Airlines has recently commenced domestic flights within Bhutan. The flights take place between Paro, Bathpalathang (Bumthang) and Yonphula (Trashigang). This air link will provide an excellent opportunity for those wanting to explore the western and eastern districts of Bhutan without the lengthy drive times. For prices and flight schedules, please contact us.

By Road

There is only one authorised entry point by road for foreign tourists. This is from West Bengal in Northern India via the border town of Phuentsholing in Bhutan’s Southwest. The Indian town opposite Phuentsholing is Jaigaon. Travellers from Sikkim find this land entry point of most convenience although it is a 6 hour drive up to the capital Thimphu and most visitors prefer the Drukair option in and out of Paro Airport.

As at September 2006 it has become possible to enter or exit via a second road access point at Samdrup Jongkhar in the far Southeast of Bhutan. This option, bordering the Indian State of Assam, is useful for visitors who travel to the more remote Eastern side of the country (particularly for those interested in traditional Bhutanese weaving) and prefer to avoid the long drive back westwards to Paro. The closest airport is 110 km away in Guwahati. From here you can fly on to including Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and Bangkok. This is convenient for those flying into Paro in the west and touring across Bhutan without back tracking or vice versa.

Important Note: Driving in Bhutan, the roads are narrow and the driving speed in Bhutan is generally 30 kms per hour, courtesy of the high number of bends per kilometre (reputed to average 13).

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