On Tour with YANA

We never want to be the biggest travel company in Bhutan, just the best!

Comfortable Accommodations:
Bhutan Standard HotelThe fact that we are residents of Bhutan gives us an advantage. We have the time and the inclination to search our a unique variety of accommodations that are clean, comfortable and inviting. During tour with YANA Expeditions, Inc., we use what we consider to be the nicest accommodations in Bhutan (with the exception of the new resorts in Paro, which we can book).

All the accommodations are approved by the Department of Tourism, and offer an incredible opportunity to stay in a traditional Bhutanese home with its elaborately painted rooms and great views. Each one is clean, comfortable, offering a warm welcome, friendly smile and restful haven that are much appreciated after a day of cultural exploration. All the hotels, lodges and guesthouses are equipped with telephones, fax machines and international dialing. If you prefer we are able to reserve rooms at the premium luxury resorts. Please contact us.

Tour Guides/Tour Escorts:
Our guides are all Bhutanese citizens and can give you firsthand insights into local culture, including the history of the country and people. With our guide you will visit each town’s local sites. All of our guides are fantastic people who go out of their way to make sure that people see the real Bhutan. Whenever there is a chance to talk with a monk, visit a temple that is normally off limits to tourists, meet a local family or take an unexpected detour they take advantage of these opportunities. Our guides have an incredible understanding of Bhutan’s history and natural landscape. Every single one of our guests has commented on the strength of our guides.

Sites/place of interests:
Combined with the sites your tour includes daily walks, which include a hike to Taktshang Monastery, and some fascinating walks through the countryside to villages, temples and monasteries. We use these excursions to meet Bhutanese people and to learn more about their fascinating culture. These are also fantastic opportunities to enjoy Bhutan’s beautiful natural landscapes. Bhutan may be the most preserved country both culturally and naturally in Asia.

Local Knowledge, Personalized Service:
Picnic Lunch by the RiverIn addition to taking our years of experience working with clients to create exceptional itineraries and hire the best guides, we also are constantly improving our trips to make them the best possible. This includes providing great meals and transport. As well we work closely with our clients before they depart to Bhutan to help them thoroughly prepare for their vacations. Everything from last minute phone calls. This will give you an idea of how we run our trips in Bhutan.

Off The Beaten Track:
TourGroup1As much as possible, we get off the beaten track and away from tourists. You will visit real Bhutan; eating Bhutanese dishes; meeting local people; learning Bhutanese words; and in general getting the true fell of the country.

Transportation In Style:
We cover a lot of distance; so riding in comfort is an important consideration. We maintain our own fleet of seven-passenger Toyota Hiace mini-busses, fully carpeted. Tourists can travel in Bhutan with medium-sized buses (20-22 seats), small buses (8-12 seats) or hired cars. Road widths do not permit larger buses.

No One Says Better Than Our Guests…