Why Travel with YANA?

We never want to be the biggest travel company in Bhutan, just the best!

We realize that there are more than 1000 tour companies in Bhutan you could choose from to guide you on your journey. In many ways, all the Bhutanese tour operators are similar, but each of us has our strong points and our weak points. There are some people that would rather travel on the type of tour our competitors offer, and if that’s the case, we will not try to sell you on what we offer. In fact, we discourage some potential customers, because we believe that they are not prepared for this type of travel. We’re not just after your money, we want you to travel with us again and tell your friends about the wonderful time you had on your Bhutan tour with us. Let me describe what sets us apart from the rest.

…Organization (Care Free Enjoyment) – PROFESSIONAL

We have a carefully and expertly planned (and then refined) itineraries that utilize each hour of daylight to show you huge chunks of Bhutan. There’s no getting lost, confused, or choosing unworthy activities. Your time in Bhutan with YANA Expeditions is superbly well spent.

You don’t have to worry about any arrangements. You don’t have to drive your own vehicle. You don’t have to buy groceries or cook any of your own meals – we do it all for you. You don’t have to take a chance on unknown hotels and restaurants. YANA sees to it that you are comfortable and pleased.

…Nobody Knows Bhutan Like We Do (Local Knowledge)! – INSIGHT

An independent traveler often has a difficult time getting close to the real Bhutan. Doing that takes a lot of time, effort, and good luck. We make it easy for you, putting you up in private family-run hotels, guesthouses, visiting YANA owned farm house, introducing to our Bhutanese friends and neighbors, and in general helping you to get close to friendly Bhutanese people.

…We are Expeditionists, Not Tour Guides. – INTEGRITY

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘expeditionist’ as, “a person who makes, or takes part in, an expedition.” That works for us, and we hope it gives you an idea of the type of adventure we hope to help you to experience. Discover a unique sense of wonder, peace, and relaxation, no matter which adventure you choose.

Buddhist Pilgrimages | Cultural Tours

Trekking Tours | Mountain Biking Tours

Textile Tours | Walking/Hiking Tours

Photo Tours | Wedding Anniversary

Bird Watching Tours | Educational Tours

If you have chosen Bhutan because it’s your wedding anniversary, you may wish to make the occasion even more special by having a simple but moving spiritual ceremony to celebrate the Reaffirmation of your Wedding Vows.

…The Journey of a Lifetime – QUALITY EXPERIENCE

Bhutan is a country that is great in every sense of the word. It is one of the world’s most appealing, exciting and striking destinations. Any journey in Bhutan is a wonderful tour of discovery. What better way to discover this exceptional country? Any trip through YANA Expeditions is a memorable occasion, whether it is cultural, trekking, mountain biking, Buddhist pilgrimage tours, textile tours, anniversary or that long awaited – “Holiday of a lifetime.
Our staffs are highly trained to provide personal service and their attention to detail is second to none. Wherever your journey takes you, you will make friends and memories to last a lifetime. Your YANA experience begins from the moment you make your enquiry to the time you step off the plane at Paro? Our travel and hospitality expertise are at your disposal along with our commitment to provide ‘The Journey of a Lifetime.

…Always with a smile – ENTHUSIASM

Our expedition staff has the gift of genuine friendly service – the kind only Bhutanese can give. They are attentive and look after the little things, with care.

Visitors say they are one of our most prized assets and we agree. We pride ourselves in making our visitors feel comfortable and relaxed, in an informal, friendly atmosphere.


Be a wise shopper – check the company out before signing up. New “Tour” companies are sprouting up everyday. Some of them are ex-tour guides that want a piece of the pie; others are new companies that copy established operators. What I’m saying is be careful who you are dealing with – we don’t want your travel experience to be a nightmare by placing your trust in an un-professional and inexperienced tour operator. The Company you book with does make a difference! No One Says Better Than Our Guests…