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TRASHIGANG DZONG sits on a jagged piece of land jutting out from the town and it the first landmark that can be seen from the road winding up to Tashigang. The Dzong was built in 1659 and it commands a spectacular view over the valley. It also houses the office of the Dzongdag (District Commissioner) and home of the monk body. Unlike the other dzongs, it has only one courtyard.

In the far east of Bhutan, lies Tashigang at an elevation of about 3200m. It is the country’s largest district. Tashigang is also a melting pot of hill tribe people who come into the town to trade. In particular, the unusual Merak and Sakteng people come to Tashigang to trade yak’s milk products for provisions that they need in the mountains. Merak and Sakteng are located about 80km East of Tashigang close to the border with the India’s Arunachal Pradesh.