YANA Travel Standards

We never want to be the biggest travel company in Bhutan, just the best!

From cities to remote villages, YANA Expeditions makes sure that your time in Bhutan is safe and comfortable. In places like Thimphu and Paro, it is easy to deliver the standards of service and luxury that international travelers expect. We stay in the best hotels and dine at some of Bhutan’s most exciting restaurants. But even when traveling off-the-beaten path, whether it’s trekking in remote parts of Bhutan, YANA Expeditions strives to deliver those same standards of comfort and luxury. We bring along fresh coffee and Bhutanese herbal tea to compliment a simple, but hearty, Western breakfast. If staying with camps, we pack clean linens to make this once in a lifetime experience a little more comfortable. For trekking tours, we hire a support staff to manage our campsite, prepare meals, and transport our gear. Their expertise and experience ensures the next level of comfort on the most rigorous of tours. We know that traveling in Bhutan can be difficult. By looking after even the smallest of details, we believe that our trips can help you experience Bhutan differently.

Hotels: Instead of going for the standard choice of a large chain hotel, we often dig much deeper into the city and look for places with style and comfort. Our staff tests every lodge and inn before we recommend them for clients.

Meals: The diversity of cuisine in Bhutan is astounding, and you will find that each region has its own special flavor. YANA Expeditions is constantly trying new restaurants – and revisiting old favorites – to determine which are the best (a job, we must admit, we thoroughly enjoy!). When choosing the best, we consider not only the food and service quality, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant, its cleanliness, and how authentic the locals think it is. So you can be sure that when you dine with YANA Expeditions, you are experiencing the best that place has to offer.

Drinking water, coffee and tea: We don’t recommend our clients to drink from taps anywhere in Bhutan. Instead, we provide bottled water and snacks throughout the journey. During meals, a cup of freshly brewed coffee or good Bhutanese tea often delivers the next level of comfort on a rigorous tour.

Vehicles: Dependent on the size of the group, we use 4WD jeeps or vans and buses in good condition. We normally use vans on paved roads for a large group of 10 people or more for a couple of reasons: not only do they allow plenty of room to move around in the vehicle, but they also allow opportunities to socialize or relax by yourself. We use drivers who maintain good safety records for all our journeys.

Safety procedures and record: Most of our travelers are high-end premium customers, who desire to visit unique, off-the beaten path destinations in comfort and safety. So far, we have been blessed with no accidents and we work hard to keep this record. YANA Expeditions ensures the safety of its customer in the following ways:

  • Our product development staff is constantly on the road, monitoring conditions and assessing the effects of developments on the safety and comfort of our travelers. If we have any reason to believe that safety or service levels are being compromised, YANA Expeditions will not run the tour.
  • Our leaders and support staff take the utmost care with every aspect of the trip from altitude-related concerns to ensuring proper, hygienic food preparation.