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TRASHYANGTSE DZONG lies at an elevation of about 1800m and was built in 1656 and it was completely renovated in 1976. Like other Dzongs, it is the administrative centre.

Duksum Village

The village of Doksum is a few kilometres east of Gom Kora, a small temple on the side of the road. A large boulder sits in the garden of Kom Gora and it is said that if anyone can climb below the rock and emerge from its summit, he will be forgiven of his sins.

Choeten Kora

Chorten Kora is one of the only two such stupas in Bhutan with styles similar to those found in Nepal and it host to a great festival every March which attracts all of East Bhutan’s residents. The Chorten is entirely whitewashed and ideally situated next to a running brook.