Trekking Adventures

These are some of the most popular treks in Bhutan. Trekking in Bhutan offers an opportunity to see Bhutan at it’s most magnificent. Treks may sometime be long and arduous but always accompanied with breathtaking views that defy descriptions.

Compared to Nepal, trekking in Bhutan is quite different – it is meant for real adventure seekers. The hillsides are almost vertical. The climate is much windier, damper and colder than in Nepal. Here one cannot go trekking alone without being accompanied by somebody who knows the way. There is always a danger of getting lost. In spite of all these hazards, trekking in Bhutan is more interesting. Trekking in Bhutan has definitely more of the Shangri-la than trekking in Nepal.

YANA Expeditions provides all necessary camping equipments but you are advised to bring medium to heavy sleeping bags. Torchlight would also be useful. We also recommend walking boots, and adaptable collection of clothes for wide temperature fluctuations. The highlights of all the treks are given at the end of each of our trekking itineraries.

Trekking Packages