Mission and Philosophy

We never want to be the biggest travel company in Bhutan, just the best!

Mission Statement

YANA Expeditions, Inc. is committed to providing uncompromising personal attention; friendliness & quality service that will result in superior travel experiences. YANA Expeditions pledges to promote brand Bhutan through quality responsible travel.


Bhutan was not involved with Industrial Age, the World Wars, nor the Arms Race, and until 2nd June 1999 not even in cyber space. As a tour operator, we believe that we can be important contributors to “Peace Through Tourism.” Your discovery of this Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom and its heritage in a respectful way can help contribute in creating a network of positive relations to nature, culture and people, laying the foundation stone for peace. We work hard to make travel a culturally, economically and environmentally sensitive activity, upholding the Royal Government’s principle of ‘Sustainable Tourism’ – “Tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable.”