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HAA – The Land of Ap Chundu (Country’s Protecting Deity)

Haa valley is situated north west of Paro valley. It was recently opened to visitors and remains one of Bhutan’s most pristine areas. At the Chuzom, confluence of Thim-Chu (Thimphu River) and Pa-Chu (Paro River), the road ascends along the dramatic Wang Chu river valley where you will have time to view the Dobji Dzong and, if time permits, hike through its high ramparts.

The road into Haa valley climbs slowly through quaint villages and thick conifer forests before opening onto a valley dotted with fields of millet, barley, potatoes and wheat, where farmhouses are adorned with intricately painted cornices and frames. Visits to both Chundu Lhakhang andLhakhang Karpo provide an insight into the history of the valley.