The trip was simply awesome

Posted on: August 4th, 2023

The planning of our itinerary was thorough and well thought out such that we get to see the best of Bhutan. We get to see Bhutanese traditions in all their authenticity and interact with the locals. The cultures and architecture are well explored, and we go home with the feeling that we have truly seen what it is to be a Bhutanese. The trip was simply awesome. The people are just so happy, relaxed, peaceful and content. The cultural heritage here is rich, and the hospitality of the locals cannot be overstated. There is a really pious atmosphere that should be preserved and shown to more people from around the world for their spiritual benefit. And YANA has managed to let us see this beautiful simplicity, originality and spirituality that is Bhutan. – Dato Mah Hang Soon & Family, MALAYSIA